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5 Keyword Optimization SEO Tips Of Christmas Past

Christmas seo keywords

Keywords are the fundamental source of SEO. These SEO keywords are the means of bringing potential visitors to your website. People search online for content by using keywords, phrases, or queries. Hence it becomes necessary to know what keywords are people using to look out for content, product or services and start optimizing for these keywords so that they find you easily on SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages). Thus this improves your site’s rankings.

The keywords that you are optimizing for must be inserted in your content of your site. The first 200 words in a page get more weight age by search engines. Therefore you must include all the important keywords on the top of the page and else throughout the page.

Where are the keywords placed on page?

The keywords can be best placed in following tags of an html page.

  • In meta tag located in head section of the html code e.g. <meta name=”keyword” content=””>
  • In title and meta description of the html code e.g. <meta name=”description” content=””>
  • In the heading tags (<h1>)
  • In alt tags
  • In hyperlink tags <a href=””>keyword</a>
  • In comment tags <!..>

How to optimize for the right keywords on a web page

  1. Occurrence of keywords: Check for how frequent a keyword appears in your site’s title or description. Therefore repeat your keyword as many times you can.
  2. Keyword adjacency: This refers to the placement of keywords in relation to each other on the web page. So the search engine finds out the keywords match by keyword nearness. Therefore it would be best to place keywords as near as possible.
  3. Keyword prominence: As stated earlier keywords must be put on the top of the page or in the first headings to best recognized by the search engines.
  4. Keyword placement: It is important to now where you must place your keyword on the page or code. Keywords placed in title and meta description tag are the best way to optimize.
  5. Keyword weight: It is basically the ratio of the number of keywords appearing on web page to the total number of words on the same page. Search engines uses this ratio to determine the rank of the site for a particular keyword.

You can find out the appropriate keywords for your site by using Google Keyword Tool. Another tool Keyword Density Analyzer helps you to analyze the distribution of keywords throughout the page. Thus you can optimize your keywords effectively.