Android app benefits

Benefits Of An Android App

In today’s era of fast paced life and high end smart phones with even the average housewife, what better way can one find than reaching out with an Android App? Welcome to the wonderful world of Android! Here are the benefits that would make you take your idea to every one in the android driven economy. Within no time can you get your business across and reap the benefits of Android OS.

Benefits of android app

Ease of Access and Reach: With the free and pre loaded download centres such Google Play, it is extremely easy to reach each and every android user. One click is all it takes to download your app. Without having to search across various websites on the vast internet, users can easily reach out to every type of customer. And such android app markets easily render access of paid apps for customers.

Privacy: Every android user has a profile and mandatory backup of data by way of sync functions. This data is stored in secured servers that enable an easy reset or deletion of data in case the phone or tab is stolen, lost or damaged so that no one else can gain access to one person’s data. This enhanced privacy features offer an advantage to app developers. The user confidently gives their private information trusting the app because of the faith that their data is in secure hands. The concerned app has to meet these enhanced requirements to be launced – its a tested and verified source for the user.

Security : Android OS used a ‘sandbox’ concept to run apps – every app is run in an secluded part of the OS. Before installation of the app, android os assesses the requirements of the app and takes the user permissions. Any resource being used by the app viz. network, memory, data usage is permitted exclusively by the user. This ensures user trust in the app. User experience enhances the popularity of the app and maximum dowloads automatically indicates user trust. There are various third party security applications that enhance the safety features of the OS.

Rich Multimedia Interface: The quality of content and user interface ease is only restricted by the developer’s imagination. Media streaming and data transfer features ensure captivation of user attention. This is an advantage in releasing more advanced and ehanced versions of successful apps. Multitasking, Tethering and external storage capabilities increase the user experience to previously unachieved levels of satisfaction.

Easy one-touch access, Notifications, Auto recording, Embedded scanners and one-on-one chat facilities are some additional features that raise the standard of user experience. Navigation and Routing apps are favourites that become an essential part of user’s daily life. On the go accessibility, Visibility, Social networking strategies and User review consolidation assist the app developers to reach out to potential customers and in retaining loyalty of existing users.

On an overall view, the benefits of Android Apps extends to both the developer and the user. For the developers in increasing their potential in the android market driven economy and for the user on terms of enhancing the quality of services required for simplifying the many necessities of day to day life.

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