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Housing society software

As the development of real estate grows day by day, it becomes important for the developers to administer the resident’s details and keep a record of it. It might be difficult to do all the procedure of maintaining dweller’s information on paper. Subsequently there arises a need of automating these tasks on a data processor. Therefore, our experts have developed a software that maintains and processes the data accurately according to the user. Generally, a housing society requires resident’s information, the usage of service by them, membership details, maintenance reports etc. Our software serves all these purposes with many additional features. Housing Society System is software programmed by a team of experts that excludes the use of paper and pen for maintaining the data and handles all the accounting data. The housing society software possesses great management and accounting systems built to provide easy and accurate society maintenance.

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Features :-

  • The software will generate bills and reports and can send it to the members as an attached PDF file via email with just a single click.
  • The data provided as input gets exported to Tally 7.2/9 directly.
  • There is Society Selection option where you can view multiple societies with Snap information.
  • You can take back up of the society data whenever required.
  • It can have multiple admin.
  • During cheque return, the predefined charges for cheque return are automatically posted while generating bills. Thus with just one click on a button, you can automate the posting of cheque return entry.
  •  You can provide any amount per square feet while generating bill according to particular member or to multiple members.
  • There is no need of typing in payment option. You can just enter the fields just by clicking.
  • Payment option is available in three ways- Bank vouchers, Cash vouchers and general payments. There is also an option for renumbering vouchers.
  • For checking whether the cheque is duplicate or not, there is cheque number duplication option thar verifies whether the cheque is valid or not.
  • There is also option for cheque remittance.
  • The generation of the bill and reports can be customized according to members defined dates like bill date, due date, billing periods, and interest calculation parameters.
  • You can alter or delete current or any generated bills.
  • For every bill or report generated you can preview it before printing or sending. Also there are different kinds of formats available for generating bills or reports.
  • The generated bill contains all the members’ information like bill no, flat no, amount, interest etc.

The secretary or the caretaker of the society would be the sole admin of this software. He would be responsible for recording and managing the information in the software like personal details, automobile and parking details, maintenance charges, membership offers and many more. The main purpose of the software is to generate bill reports for each resident according to the service used by their family members. Management of cooperative housing societies is made a lot easier with Society Manager 2014.

The software additionally generates bill or reports according to particular wings, flats, shops, etc. It also provides a concise statement of income and expenditure incurred and also compares it with the previous years. There are more characteristics of this software that can help admin with accurate assistance.

Society Manager posses the unique computing ability to help individuals manage and maintain the working of entire housing societies with minimum efforts. The cooperative housing society software is also available for free download for you to test all its features. Get the best Housing Society management and accounting Software today.