Ipad/Tab Based Restaurant Ordering Application


The Ipad/Tab Based Restaurant Ordering Application aims at replacing the conventional menu system which is time consuming and old fashioned. Meal orders can be taken on an iPAD/Android Tab, which will have the complete menu offered by the restaurant/hotel. These orders are now directly projected on the kitchen server as “Order of example item placed on table number 2”. Each menu item, under any category comes with a description of the item, Time required for serving, a large image, serving capacity, description and estimated time to be served for better understanding of the item, along with it’s cost. The customer could also use the iPAD/Tab provided on reception for reserving a table.

Tab restaurant app

Opt for the Automated Restaurant Ordering System

Don’t make your customers wait for a waiter to take their orders

Let your Customers order on a Tab/Ipad as and when needed

Get their orders directly on your kitchen server

Edit your menu as and when needed

Hide menu items not in stock

Tab restaurant app

Enhanced Customer Experience:

  • No More Waiting For A Waiter To Take Orders
  • Easy Interactive Menu
  • Takes Minimum Table Space
  • Order Instantly Before Or In Between Your Meal
  • Ability To View Menu Item Images, Waiting Time and Serving Capacity
  • Easy & Instant Bill Generation At A Single Touch


Kitchen Order Requests:

  • View Orders On Particular Tables Directly In Kitchen


Admin Dashboard:

  • Enter New Menu Items
  • Edit Delete Menu Items As And When Needed
  • Hide Items Not In Stock
  • View Billing
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