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Learn about mobile sites and their usefulness

With the success of the smart phone and the prevailant 3g/4g setup increasingly covering the length and breadth of the geographical space , it is becoming a necessary aspect for people to be connected on the go. The portability factor that a mobile phone offers is unparalleled and opens up a whole new world of opportunities for communication and information sharing.

Mobile friendly site

Today, every major site on the www is also hosting a comparable and fully fledged mobile site to cater for its users on the move. When everyone seems to be resorting to this new medium of communication, why would the services and support only increase? What is the usefulness quotient of mobile sites? Why should any business make a mobile site? The following paras attempt to answer the inquisitive mind on the same note.

Convenience and Availability : With every user resorting to access the information while on the move by means of advanced communication devices, it is inferred that it is a matter of convenience too. The connectivity capabiliites also ensure the availability of the consumer / user for more time than on the usual occasions spent in front of a desktop. Anytime , anywhere availability is an added advantage to any business.

Customer Interaction and Integration : The more engaging a mobile website is, the more easier it is for the user to interact. The higher the interaction, the greater the quantum of business. Any effort towards making a simple yet all encompassing mobile site only adds to the user experience. These days every business has started creating a webpage on social networking sites. When a consumer uses a social networking site, which most people do while on the move, it is easier to link to them through advertisements and offers. This only adds to the business potential of the brand.

Demand & Inevitability : There is a constantly growing demand for mobile sites. The more you make mobile sites, the higher the expectations of the user in terms of capabiliites of the sites. Every aspect of internet is sought by the user on mobiles. There is a sense of inevitability amongst service providers since the demand of the customers being in tune with modern facilities cannot be undermined.

Integration with offline media : One classic example is the use of QR codes on print media with limited info. The QR code when scanned over a mobile phone will immediately make available the entire information over the mobile site. This kind of facility reduces the cost over print media and enhances the user experience too.

Competitive advantage over other service providers and impact quotient is also directly linked to mobile sites being available. Egonomically designed sites also enhance user interaction with the site. Whenever one makes a mobile site, it is a step taken in the right direction keeping the changing times in mind. And the mobile sites continue to enhance user’s daily life experiences. The graph for mobile sites is progressing only upwards through all these years and it is here to continue so..

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