Manipulating Google Rankings ? Well Your Penalty Awaits…

Google rank manipulation

Google, the undisputed giant in search engine has been reaping rave reviews ever since its foundation. The world renowned web search engine that it is, meddling with Google search engine and manipulating Google rankingsmight sound too unbelievable to be true. But unfortunately it does happen. Attempts threatening the authentic results of the search engine has been smartly done, and successfully at that too. And this blatant attempt to manipulate the search engine results is aptly, technically termed as’ tricks or link schemes’! The manipulators however never realise that by manoeuvring the search engine results, what deteriorates is their focus on content quality as well as the quality time depleted in attempt to manipulate. As unethical as it may sound, the manipulators seldom care to think about it and go ahead with manipulating.

Oftenhas it come to common notice that manipulators who have the inclinationto tamper with search engine results of Google, are those with poorly relevant website contents. To cover up the awful quality of contents and yet top the results and get hits, they resort to manipulation. To put it simple, those who do not have the mettle to prove themselves, find an easiest, crooked way in manipulation.

The internet arena has forever benefitted from the search engine updates like Panda and Penguin. These smart features disallow manipulation or rankings and help maintain theauthenticity and reliability of Google rankings intact. Ever since its introduction in February 2011, the GooglePanda update filter has proved to be of great help.Panda effectively works in a way to prevent sites with irrelevant or poor content quality from unethically working their way to top the Google search engine results. The consistently effective, timely updating pattern of Panda guarantees that no poor quality site manages to work its way to the top escaping its stringent filters. Even those that may have hit the top ranking previously despite of having poor content also stand to pay for the deed.

Succeeding the Panda update, Google also came up with the next series of algorithm updates called Penguin in April 2012.The Penguin update is intended at down ranking websites that breach Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. The main difference between the two algorithms Penguin and Pandais in the interface they use.

Manipulation is never the best way to top Google rankings. Perhaps the solution to find you out of this tricky situation is to closely abide by the Google webmaster guidelines and follow it. Never resort to dodgy practices of search engine optimization just to win the SEO rat race. If the concept of search engines never existed on the face of this earth, would you ever resort to such unscrupulous attempts?

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