PC Boss 4.0

PC monitoring software

PC Boss For Office PC Monitoring
Keep an eye on your office staff remotely in stealth mode. PC Boss allows you to monitor the computer screen as well as computer webcam image any time you want. PC Boss allows you to monitor over 100 PC’s through a single PC. Remotely message any particular PC, get snapshots of PC screen as and when needed. Log off remote PC as and when needed. Remotely shutdown PC as per your need. With a strong computing backend designed for smooth operation even in poor internet connections. PC Boss does not affect your internet usage bandwidth. Get PC Boss and monitor your office today.

PC Boss For Home PC Monitoring
Watch over your house PC screen as well as your PC user remotely. PC Boss allows you to remotely monitor you’re your PC screen by taking screenshots of PC screen as and when needed. It allows you to get an image of the person operating PC using PC webcam. And all this happens in stealth mode without the person knowing it. PC Boss also allows you to message Remote PC, Log Off and Shut down Remote PC. Get PC Boss and monitor your PC’s today.


  • Monitor over 100 computers from a single PC over Internet
  • View Remote Pc Snapshot On-Demand
  • Capture Remote Pc User Face through Remote PC WebCam On-Demand
  • Chat With Remote PC
  • Log Off Remote Pc
  • Shutdown Remote Pc
  • Works Well With Slow Internet Connections too
  • User-Friendly GUI

PC Boss Software