PCB Printing Services

Do you need a printed PCB ?

We can print it for you. NevonSolutions provides pcb printing solutions for instant PCB requirements.

Our custom PCB printing services are helpful for students, researchers and engineers to get custom printed PCB’s in small quantities for their studies and research. Nevonsolutions provides custom pcb printing services, all you have to do is send us your design and we print it for you within no time.

Getting a printed PCB at NevonSolutions is simple and fast.

  • Send us your PCB file and design.
  • Our team analyses it and sends you its cost and delivery timing details on your email.
  • You may now confirm and pay online after which we print the PCB and deliver at your desired address.

Costing: PCB printing cost depends on the type of PCB and its design to be printed.

Note: We do not do Bulk PCB printing.

Max PCB Copies: 9.

Use The Faster, Safe and Eco friendly way of PCB Printing

The traditional Method

Using Etching Liquid

Is Slow

Is Not Accurate- Some unwanted copper may be left out

Requires Harmful Chemicals- May lead to Hand Burns

Is not Eco Friendly

Liquid needs special disposal after use- Disposing the copper liquid in normal sewage is a Legal Offence

The New Method

PCB Milling

Is Fast

Extremely Accurate

Is Eco Friendly

No Chemicals Needed

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