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Search Engine and directory Submission Guide 2013

The two major types of Off page SEO optimization techniques are search engine submission and directory submission. It is one thing to develop a state of the art website while it is totally another to attain prominence in the webspace. Many well developed sites have been sunk in the ocean of information primarily due to lack of visibility. The above said options increase the popularity of a website and also assist in increasing their rankings among search engines.

Search engine & directory submission

Search Engine Submission : This is the method by which a webmaster submits the website to a search engine. Many modern search engine algorithms are capable of spotting your webpage by use of techniques such as crawlers, bots and spiders.  However, it is advisable to submit a website voluntarily to a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing rather than waiting for them to discover and highlight your presence.

Mandatory submission of websites increases their visibility quotient as well as in reducing the time taken to reach the targe audience. One very important reason for submitting is when a website has been recently updated and the latest information needs to reach the users. Since the user may not be aware for updated info, they may neglect hitting on the site presuming it to be outdated. Voluntary submission of the website to search engines reduces such omission by users.

Submitting one page at a time or submitting the entire sitemap all at once are options best selected by the webhost. But the search engines consider it adequate if one home page is submitted. Their inbuilt programmes seek and produce the relevant search results embedded anywhere in the entire site. Any new site under a new domain name would consider it extremely necessary to submit itself to the major search engines in order to get easily tracked.

Directory Submission : The major reason by which web directories stand apart from search engines is by the fact that websites are listed by directories not based on keywords but rather under categories and sub-categories. These categories may range widely based on region, specialty and languages. The human edited directories are more in demand by professionals as they are likelier to gain more prominence in search results.

Two famous human edited directories are Open Directory Project (ODP) and WWW Virtual Library. These are effectively scrutinized by specialist volunteers to ensure appropriate location of a particular service providing site. This also leads to delays in your site being listed.

Some Directories offer paid and Bidding based services too. However the free services provided are equally efficient and gain more relevance while being assessed for backlinks and referrals. Directory submission was once considered old fashioned and non effective. But the increasing number of seo’s avail it for the purpose of getting listed more specifically and for gaining backlinking. This has resulted in a demand surge for directory submissions.

Any new website developer or host has to opt for the above two options to gain valuable rankings and visibility among target audience within a limited time frame. This is one way of ensuring that their search optimization is achieved efficiently.

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