top 10 socialbookmarking sites 2014

Top 10 Social Bookmarking Websites for 2014

Social Bookmarking sites are the best place to make your bookmarks spread to your audience. These sites would be in high demand in upcoming years due to its facility of storing and accessing bookmarks online.

Top 10 social bookmarking sites list 2014

The top 10 sites that are going to be highly used in 2014 are:

  1. Pinterest- This is a very popular site where bookmarks are termed as pins. It is like a bulletin board where you can put up the things that you like. These contain mainly images you like on web and can add it to Pinterest. You can even collect and manage images based on themes or interests.
  2. Twitter- Twitter is a site very famous for its tweets. It is also known as a best microblogging site online. Here user post their blogs and audience follow them, share it, post comments. This site is now also being used as social bookmarking site. One can tag their links that they like and can write something about it so that people like it and share it.
  3. Reddit- It is a social news and entertainment site also know as link-sharing website where user can post content in links. Users can vote as what’s good or what’s junk for every content. The number of votes decides the  rank of the posts.
  4. Buzzfeed- It is a social site (same like Reddit) for news and entertainment that focuses on providing unique reports, knowledge, and viral content that is growing over the area or on web. The reports or content are posted by users and staff members of Buzzfeed in form of link, image or video.
  5. StumbleUpon- StumbleUpon is a social bookmarking site that also provides the facility of web search engine. It is also like other bookmarking sites that make use of links and content to be posted by users and can be shared. Along with this it has its own search engine that recommend contents according to user’s query.
  6. Digg- It is a news aggregator that finds out and collects the most recent interesting and the best stories from the Internet at one place so that user can read and share it.
  7. Delicious- Delicious also serves the same purpose of bookmarking any website on it to allow easy access of it from anywhere online.
  8. Diigo- It is same like other but  has an additonal feature of highlighting any part of a webpage and add sticky notes to it.
  9. BizSugar- This is the best social site for entrepreneurs or small business owners to promote their business. Owners can share or posts their blogs and other can gain knowledge from it. Thus owners can build up their business connections with other business owners.
  10. DZone- It’s a social bookmarking site especially for IT developers. People having IT related article can post here on DZone as here your article would be recognized than posting on all other social bookmarking sites.