Top 5 Technology Mobile Games for Xbox by Nevonsolutions

Video gaming has become of one the most popular ways of entertainment these days. Game producers are trying hard to come up with the most popular and fun solutions to attract gamers worldwide. Casino games are now available on most of the devices like PC, tablet, mobile Sony, Xbox and many other. The Xbox manufacturer provided an unbelievable gaming thrill, with a totally new playing style and experience, and those are the just the things that a gambler wants to feel while playing his/her favorite gaming machine.


When these two things combine, a player will get the best possible gambling experience. Now, gamers can sit in front of their big TV screens, turn the volume up and bet from their Xbox console or mobile gadgets to play free slot machines with ease. This is still new on a market, so a gambler doesn’t have a pretty big game selection like for some other devices, but this gambling way is getting more popular every day among bettors.

New Betting Experience

Every video player knows the Xbox console, its advantages and the type of excitement it provides. This is a state of the art machine capable of doing multiple tasks with similar functions as a PC device. The main purpose of this gaming device is exactly that, to support and run video games. Recently, this console started to support casino games which gave a totally new and refreshing experience for bettors.

Lay Back and Spin the Wheel

These ways of gambling offer a new and refreshing experience for all bettors who want to ty something different and exciting. Betting on the Xbox console has a few big advantages like:

    • Gamers can relax in their own home and transform the room into a betting place by playing on a big TV screen.
    • Players can now enjoy a full sound experience by connecting the device to a sound system.
    • No more clicking, pulling, and scrolling. The Xbox console comes with a game joystick supporting every function that a gambler needs.

mobile xbox video slot machines

The only problem is a lack of game selection. This is normal at the moment because the Xbox console as a gambling device is a new way of betting and gaming developers are just getting started to create casino machines which can be started with this gaming device. Here is a list of games that are already popular among bettors:


      • TDU 2 – For all fans of poker tables, here is a special treat. The TDU 2 game is a third-person version with all the features replicated from the casinos worldwide. Gamers can enjoy in multiple table selection and live interaction with other poker players. Before gamblers their skills against other people, first, they need to create an avatar which will represent them at the poker table. Players can compete against 31 bettors to really test all the poker skills.
      • Full House Poker – This game was created for the Xbox360 console and it can be tried for free in a demo version before a gamer decides if he/she wants to buy it (9.99$). This game replicates a casino poker gambling experience and transfers it to the TV screen. Everyone are welcome to try their skills regardless of gamer’s previous poker experience. Tables are crowded all the time allowing a gambler to really enjoy in this Xbox betting game. Players can create their own avatar characters and contest in many available tournaments with other people.
      • Pure Hold’em – This Xbox poker version has a unique playing style. This casino game offers 6 different tables and each requires more skill. Gamers can enjoy a pleasant environment and simulated poker experience. When a player has sharpened his/her skills at basic tables, it is time to gamble with high-rollers. When a gamer has proven to be a top poker player, he/she will have the access to the master tables suitable only for VIP players in a special gambling room. Players can try different strategies and betting methods to earn point and respect before they enter a big league.
      • Casino Nights – This game has some advantages as well as flaws. The biggest issue with this Xbox game is a big lack of graphic design and kinda retro look. Gamers will definitively not be impressed with the visual effects, but on the other side, this is a unique creation, because there are not many games that offer multiple casino tables and features. Gamers can test their skills at the card tables by playing Blackjack. For slot game fans there are video poker machines and classic slots. Spin the Roulette wheel to see if you have a lucky hand or play a game of Keno or Red Dog.
      • Baccarat – Want to play a Baccarat game directly from your home? Gamers can download this game for just 1$ on the Xbox device. It is a modest looking game with the real features transferred to the TV display. The main goal is to reach the VIP room.

Future Xbox Casino Games

At the moment, fans of the Mobile & Xbox slot games don’t have a big choice, but that is going to change in the future for sure. Game providers will certainly give their best to meet all the expectations and provide the best solutions for bettors who want to enjoy their favorite casino games on the Xbox consoles.