NevonSolutions is a unit of Nevem group. This company which was most popular for its innovation, information and intelligence is now also becoming popular and known as a Top Technology service provider and a Tech Training Organization, thereby expanding its growth. NevonSolutions has been growing its experience since past 8 years in the market and has evolved as a “Technology Giant” for not only the Engineering students but also for many government organizations by growing remarkably in the area of Technology.
NevonSolutions has organized more than 450 workshops and has also trained more than 5,00,000 students and corporate. NevonSolutions links experts of technology domains together and allows for the spread of their expertise in todays engineers. We help corporate as well as engineering students to adapt to latest technologies and master them in no time.
For teaching new technologies and guiding engineers, NevonSolutions technical workshops are conducted to provide the educators with all the support and excellent training needed.

Benefits of Our Workshops:

  • Experienced Trainers: Our workshops are conducted by experienced developers who have years of experience in working of these technologies.
  • Domain Experts: We are domain experts in the workshops we conduct.
  • Doubt Solving and Support: We provide doubt solving and support sessions to our session attendants.
  • Business Guidance: We provide expert advice to corporate and institutes on automating their process.
  • Career Guidance: Our experts are the best at analyzing student skills and suggesting best career opportunities.