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Worlds Largest Developer & Supplier Of Electronics, Software & Mechanical Research Kits

Started in 2012 NevonProjects grows exponentially through its research in Software and embedded system. NevonProjects, a part of NevonSolutions works towards development of research based software as well as embedded systems for educational purposes.
With rapid growth in technology and innovation, NevonProjects has now the largest collection of software as well as electronics based self learning kits and more systems being researched every month. Due to this we now serve these kits in more than 55 countries across the globe.
NevonProjects develops these software and electronics based self learning kits for researchers, engineering students and enthusiasts to help in their research and studies. We develop innovative and unique software as well as electronics based systems that can be used to automate various needs/tasks.
Our systems are built to automate work from various sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, defense, biomedical as well as domestic sector. We build these systems to be used as a reverence for further development and studies by engineering students, researchers and enthusiasts.

Home, Industry Automation Systems & Solutions | Robotics Development & Software Systems

Tired of living the old fashioned way ? Well NevonExpress is here to automate your lifestyle. With a variety of electronics and software based systems, we provide you new and automated ways to improve your lifestyle. We constantly research on consumer as well as businesses issues that can be solved by the use of innovative technology. Our products focus on solving various user problems using automated products and solutions. Our efforts are dedicated towards development of technical solutions for a better and automated lifestyle. From consumer products to business and industrial system, NevonExpress offers a whole variety of technical solutions to automate your living experience as well as improve your business productivity. So automate your life today with NevonExpress.

Enhanced GPS Tracking Software System

Nevon GPS is an easy to use yet very efficient GPS tracking system useful for a number of purposes. Nevon GPS allows for business as well as personal tracking without the use of any hardware device. The system is built to make it easy for businesses to track vehicles, field workers, delivery agents and ensure their safety remotely. It also allows for efficient field sales tracking as well as dynamic strategizing using this online system.Nevon GPS is also used for personal tracking. Personal tracking includes tracking children and family members and getting distress signals with their location if in trouble. Nevon GPS provides a free demo tour of the system to test it for free. Nevon GPS is an initiative by Nevon Solutions Pvt Ltd ensuring an efficient, secure and enhanced GPS tracking solution at low costs.

Software Systems Development

You dream it and we design it. We at NevonSolutions excel at innovative systems development. From basic software products to sensor interfaced IOT based systems, nevonsolutions does it all. Our research in software based systems allows us to create magis using, dotnet, php, android, matlab and web based enterprise level development knowledge.

Embedded Electronics Solutions

Do you need to research on an innovative system that does not exist yet. Cant find anyone on the market to understand your requirements ? Well our wide research and knowledge on research based electronics products and software systems allows us to understand and implement the rarest and toughest of product requirements. Our research and development helps us create robust and efficient systems that do not yet exist in this world.